Custom Fencing In Burnaby, British Columbia

Custom Fencing In Burnaby, British Columbia

Ironwood Fencing Burnaby has the most reliable custom fencing installation and repair contractors in the Burnaby area. When you are in need of a reliable fencing installation and repair contractor, you want to hire Ironwood Fencing Burnaby because not only are they the most reliable, but they are also the fencing installation and repair contractors that are going to provide you with the highest quality service and support. Our contractors are the best in the business and are all fully licensed, bonded, and insured as well as highly experienced.

For the past few years, Ironwood Fencing Burnaby has been installing high-quality custom fence types throughout Burnaby, BC, and the surrounding area. We specialize in the installation of custom vinyl and aluminum fencing from the top manufacturers in the fencing industry. These high-quality custom fence types carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind on the quality and durability of your new fence. No matter what type of fence services you need, you can trust the expertise and ability of our contractors to install or repair your fence to your exact specifications.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured custom fencing contractor in Burnaby, BC. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Chain Link Fence
  • Privacy Fence
  • Iron Fence
  • Farm Fence
  • And More Custom Fencing Services!

There are many different custom fence installation and repair services that we offer to the property owners of Burnaby, BC, and the surrounding area. Give us a call today to get your free quote on all of our custom fence installation and repair services.

Chain Link Fence

Chain-link fences are one of our most popular fence options we offer because they provide the needed security one would want for their home or business at an affordable cost. Ironwood Fencing Burnaby offers a number of different color and height options for chain-link fences to offer the perfect solution that you are looking for. For more information about commercial chain-link fences, contact us today or schedule your free on-site estimate today with one of our experienced representatives.

Privacy Fence

The first step in creating your own private outdoor living space is with a privacy fence. A 6-foot privacy fence will keep a prying eye out of your space and in some cases, will block the view out. Privacy fencing is typically 6-feet high. However, if you enjoy your view but your dog barks at everything that moves, 4-foot high privacy fences are also an option. Ironwood Fencing Burnaby can mix match heights, styles, and wood consistencies. We offer both Cedar and pine.

Iron Fence

One of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners is about whether or not an iron fence would be a better option. The reason why they ask this question is that the iron fence has several advantages over the steel fence, and it’s important to know what these advantages are. You must remember that some fences may look more appealing than the others, but the quality will never be compromised because of style and budget.

Farm Fence

Farm fence installation is a costly affair. Though it is an investment that yields results in the long run, one must make sure that the fence is fit for purpose and also cost-effective. One thing that cannot be avoided is the need for regular maintenance. If there is any kind of failure then it will certainly leave you with lots of money and also wasted time. So let us look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with this process.

Give us a call today at 604-800-7202 to schedule your free service quote on all our custom fencing, as well as wrought iron fence services. We proudly serve the Burnaby area. Our contractors will visit your home to discuss your options for your custom fencing services. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our custom fencing services today.